School Events: Fundraiser Pack A

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School Events: Fundraiser Pack A


FUNDRAISER PACK A Stuck for ideas to Raise Money  for your Organisation or Charity Event?
Here's the answer. You can resell the items in these packs for quite a large profit margin at your event. All you need is a helper to make up the items on demand and save whats left to sell next time! Pack Contents:
200 x 8" Glow Bracelets in 5 COLOURS
25 x 6" x 10mm Pendant Style Glow Sticks in 5 COLOURS
25 x Glasses Connectors (To make 25 pairs of glow glasses)
25 x Bunny Ears Connectors (To make 25 Glow Bunny Headbands) 

These are made up from Premium Quality Glow Products that glow brightly for 8-12 Hours and beyond! Simply activate by gently bending along entire length and shake to achieve full glow. These glow sticks are always freshly imported and have a shelf life of 2 Years!
Fully EU Certified & 100% DBP Free