Sensory: Led Sensory Teddy

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Sensory: Led Sensory Teddy


SQUISHY / PUFFER TEDDY TOY WRIGGLY, JIGGLY, SQUIGGLY FUN ! These are great fun and look fantastic as well as appealing to both visual and tactile senses ! Each Teddy is approx 8cm tall and is made from soft tactile flexible rubber and is air filled, allowing it to be squished and squashed easily. It contains a flashing LED unit inside which is activated when you shake, tap or bounce it. It will flash for 10-15 seconds before automatically switching off, extending battery life (which are non replaceable). Your colour(s) will be selected at random from the following: GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, PINK, PURPLE or RED These Led Flashing toys are fully EU Certified & RoHS Compliant. Not Suitable for children under 3 years

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